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MBV - Vanne doseuse à bille

Ham-Let MBV Series Metering Ball
valve wins Innovation Award from
Flow Control Magazine. This award
recognizes MBV novel technology
solution for fluid handling applications
for facilitating a more efficient flow
control scheme, eliminating the need
for multiple shut-off and metering
devices in series.

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The Shut-Off Metering Ball Valve Series delivers industry’s highest degree of accurate metering flow for moderate pressure applications. The MBV series features an innovative and unique shut off capability which allows full control of the process from extra fine regulation to a complete valve shut off. The choice of three precision stem tapers enables metering at flow capacities as low as Cv=0.0001 with up to 11 handle turns, the MBV series meets the high demand of precise flow control. With the option of five O-ring materials the MBV series provides the best temperature and chemical coverage, making it ideal for the Oil & Gas analyzing industries.

MBV - Metering Ball Valve
  • On/Off and Metering control
  • PFA Encapsulated Ball Stem designed for leak tight shut off service
  • Panel Mounting as standard
  • Maximum Allowable Working Pressure 2000 psi (138 bar) for all MBV types
  • Maximum Allowable Working Temperature 300°F (150°C)
  • End Connection type options: Let-Lok, One-Lok, theraded and Male Face Seal
  • Stem Taper: 1°, 3° and 5° for different flow control regulations
  • Five different O-ring materials are available as options
  • Actuated On/Off operation is available
  • Three optional handle types:
    - Round Aluminum handle
    - Metal slotted handle
    - Vernier handle

MBV - Metering Ball Valve MBV - Metering Ball Valve

In oil refining and petrochemical industries,where researchers develop industrial processes to enhance the efficiency of the production, new product quality standards, especially concerning environmental issues, are necessary to achieve these goals. The main technical challenge is the need to support high pressure and high temperature fluid operation. Vinci Technologies Company, located in Paris, France, is a designer and manufacturer of analytical pilot plants, laboratory equipment and specific field instrumentation for the Oil & Gas Industry. Vinci Technologies relies on Ham-let’s comprehensive range of valves and fittings, they have chosen to implement the new, innovative MBV series design. into their Catalyst Testing Unit. The MBV series offers major advantages over the traditional instrumentation solutions: from cost efficiency, reduced installation time & labor, smaller system footprint and minimizing potential leak points.


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