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New Products 2018


Trunnion Ball Valve High Pressure

The TBV provides a solution for pressures up to 10,000 psi and temperatures ranging from -17°C to 230°C.
The Trunnion ball valve series provides reliable shut-off and switching function for high-pressure services. 
Spring-loaded seats provide high life cycle and low operating torque for pressures up to 10,000 psi.
TBV series is suitable for a wide range instrumentation and control applications: Chemical injection skids, Hydraulic control panels, Gas delivery systems, High-pressure isolation, and Switching systems.
In addition to the unique functionality as a switching and shut off valve for high temperature and high-pressure services, the TBV also features:
  • High pressures, up to 10,000 psi
  • High-temperature endurance, -17°C to 230°C
  • 2- or 3-way flow patterns
  • Double protected stem
  • Low operating torque
  • Spring-loaded seats
  • Trunnion-style ball
  • Replaceable Handle
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Alloy 400/R405 Let-Lok® is now available in 6mm, 10mm, and 12mm sizes.
Ham-Let Group’s constant innovation has led to a new extended range of Let-Lok® Alloy 400/R-405 connectors in new metric sizes.
Alloy 400/R-405 is a Nickel-Copper, that possesses excellent corrosion resistance, particularly to seawater, steam, salt, and caustic solutions
at high temperatures.
Alloy 400/R-405 connectors are commonly used in the following industries and applications:
  • Chemical processing
  • Marine
  • Industrial heat exchangers
  • Oil well recovery pumps and crude oil distillation towers
  • Power generation plants
Alloy 400/R-405 main properties:
  • High-strength over a wide of temperatures, especially in subzero temperatures
  • High resistance to alkalis, salt waters, food products, and organic substances
  • Exceptional resistance to hydrofluoric acid in all concentrations up to the boiling point


Additional technical information is available here




Ham-let Hoses now in Rubber

High-quality industrial hose offering with the introduction of our new Rubber Hose assemblies and components line.
The new HAM-LET RHG rubber hose line is designed for:
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic applications
  • Automotive industry
  • Shop air systems
  • General industrial use
HAM-LET RHG rubber hoses are to be used with HAM-LET HOSE-END™ fitting and are available as factory tested and ready for use assemblies or as components for field assembly.
Hoses assemblies:
  • Any length (long assemblies might be spliced).
  • Any end fitting selection out of our wide range and more.
  • Assembled, tested, cleaned, and packed per EN16643:2016
Additional technical information is available here:





Alloy C-276 Let-Lok® is now available in 6mm, 10mm and 12mm sizes.

Ham-Let Group has extended the size range of Let-Lok® Alloy C-276 connectors to greater serve market needs.


Alloy C-276 is suitable for a wide range of corrosive environments and is optimal for the following industries applications:
  • Sour gas application for the Oil and Gas industry
  • compliant with high temperature.
  • Flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems to control air pollution from electric power plants
  • Chemical processing
  • Pollution control
  • Pulp and paper production
  • Industrial and municipal waste treatment
  • Sea water application

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Ham-Let is releasing a new series of Plug Valves – PLV series


The PLV Series offers a manually operated plug valve providing tight shut-off and forward throttling capability.


This series features low operation torque, and a wide variety of configurations. The components are easy to maintain and replace.

Industries and Applications  PLV features and benefits 
  • Chromatography
  • Sample stations
  • Purging and cooling systems
  • Pilot plants
  • Test benches
  • Control panels
  • Passivated wet parts for better corrosion resistance
  • Option for FDA compliance
  • Western and European raw materials
  • 100% pressure tested
  • Butt-weld end connections option
  • Full bore
  • Directional handle



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One-Lok® (Single Ferrule) fittings are now available in two new sizes:
  • 3mm
  • 4mm – Unique to Ham-Let group
These new sizes are joining the wide range of the One-Lok® fittings from 1/16’’ up to 1’, including all configuration, as the Let-Lok® fittings.
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Gamme d'actionneurs pneumatiques (HPA)

Les ingénieurs, concepteurs et fabricants concernés par la conception des flux et vannes doivent comprendre les aspects et les processus liés à l'utilisation d'un produit particulier.
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Télécharger le COT en ligne (Certificat d'Origine et de Traçabilité des produits Ham-Let) Ce service est réservé aux utilisateurs inscrits.
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