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Ham-Let expands activity in China

Ham-Let expands activity in China: New $15 million factory to be built with double the production capacity of the current Chinese factory

Ham-Let Group, a developer and manufacturer of fittings and valves for a variety of segments and uses in the process and ultra-clean industries, announced that their fully own subsidiary in China signed an agreement with the District Management in Yangzhong to build a new factory that will replace the current plant. The new factory will cost a total of $15 million.


The new factory will be an innovative manufacturing plant with double the production capacity of the current plant. The new factory will also have the ability to produce ultra-clean products that can be used in the Semiconductor industry.


The Yangzhong District will compensate $9 million dollars of the project, which will be received in three installments. The remaining $6 million dollars Ham-Let Group will be raised form external financing.  


During the construction of the new plant, the subsidiary in China will be entitled to continue to use the current plant's production area. The production capacity of the subsidiary in China is not expected to be affected until the construction of the new plant is completed.


The company estimates that construction of the new plant will be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2019.


Ham-Let completed the acquisition of the entire share capital of the subsidiary in China in April 2016, for a total of approximately $15 million. The Chinese company was consolidated in the reports for the first time in the second quarter of 2016.


The Chinese company operates in the industrial field, producing and manufacturing fittings and valves for the petrochemical, oil and gas fields. The company strengthens Ham-Let’s capacity and its ability to expand its market share.




“In the coming years, a large number of FABs are set to be built in China. The establishment of the new plant and the expansion of the manufacturing capacity in the Chinese semiconductor market will enable the company to expand its operations and to respond to the expected growth in demand in this industry.”


“The establishment of the new plant is another step in the implementation of the company’s growth strategy of consolidating our global deployment and marketing of our products to a wide range of industries.” 


“We thank the Yangzhong District Administration for their cooperation and trust that the group is well positioned professionally and operationally and is ready to vigorously accelerate our growth and competitive and market position in all territories.”



About Ham-Let Group


Controlled by FIMI Fund (61%), Ham-Let group is one of the world’s leading companies in the development, manufacturing, and sale of valves and fittings suitable for use in high temperature, pressure, and vacuum conditions for process industries and the transmission of gases in the semiconductor field. The company's customers are among the world's leading companies in the process industry and the semiconductor industry. Founded in 1961 and houses its manufacturing facilities and management on a 25,000-square meter campus in the Ziporit Industrial Zone. With more than 850 employees in Israel and around the world, Ham-Let Group has branches and subsidiaries in the US, Canada, England, Germany, Holland, Japan, China. Russia, France, Norway and Singapore. Ham-Let Group’s shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. 



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