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Gulf coast strong


Gulf coast strong!


Ham-let supports Your Harvey recovery efforts


If Harvey knocked you down, Ham-Let Advanced Control Technology will be is here to help you get back up and running again.
Our Houston based office specialists are here to help our fellow Gulf Coast Residents!
On behalf of HAM-LET Advanced Control Technology, we hope you, your families, your employees and their loved ones are safe and beginning to rebuild and recover from Harvey.
As many companies repair and rebuild, HAM-LET is standing behind Texas-Gulf Coast Strong!  
Having inventory on hand to service these companies is one way to be at the ready.  
With this in mind we are offering “Relief” during the month of September as follows: 
  • We have a “Will Call” option for you or your customers to come to our warehouse and order via credit card and pick up the product(s).

Your current discounts do apply and the 2% processing fee will be waived during September.

  • We strongly suggest you call in as the best option to assure the inventory is on hand and available 2 hours in advance.  
The number to call is 281-566-4922.  
  • Orders of $2,500 or more, in the month of September will be shipped with no freight charges.  (It is normally $5,000) Order should be labeled with identifier #Texas Gulf Coast Strong 
  • Stocking orders of $10,000 or more will be given 75-day payment terms pending credit approval.
  • If it makes more sense to have consignment inventory please contact us at 281-566-4959 and we will quickly design a consignment program that supports your current situation.     
HAM-LET stands at the ready to assist you in these recovery efforts.


Gamme d'actionneurs pneumatiques (HPA)

Les ingénieurs, concepteurs et fabricants concernés par la conception des flux et vannes doivent comprendre les aspects et les processus liés à l'utilisation d'un produit particulier.
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Nouveau service de COT en ligne

Télécharger le COT en ligne (Certificat d'Origine et de Traçabilité des produits Ham-Let) Ce service est réservé aux utilisateurs inscrits.
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