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Ham-Let Group and Natural Gas Vehicles industry

Ham-Let Group is a key player in a Natural Gas Vehicles industry with Boris Margol, R&D Manager


"A key player in the Natural Gas Vehicles Industry (NGV), Ham-Let Group recognizes the importance of environmentally friendly alternatives."














Improving a fueling system on a fleet of NGV Trucks

Our engineers were approached with a challenge: improve the fueling system on a fleet of NGV Trucks for a major automotive manufacturer.
Leak issue was detected
The manufacturer was struggling with leaks in the piping and fittings in their new fleet of Natural Gas Trucks.
We purposed custom manifolds, condensing the tubing, the number of connections and any leak potential, AND saving the customer substantial cost of ownership and reliability improvement. 
The tough standards of the natural gas vehicle industry meant acquiring various certifications, which was quickly completed. 
Successful installation
The manifolds have been successfully installed on the NGV Trucks, however while working on this project Ham-Let realized another mechanism in the vehicle that we had the ability to improve. 
The client had been purchasing various valves and fittings from Ham-Let Group and assembling a gas stick on their own. It was a long, heavy gas stick that required additional labor and had 9 potential leak points. 
We were able to build them a more compact gas stick that was lighter and featured no additional labor costs. The new gas stick also featured only 5 potential leak points, compared to the 9 on their previous contraption. 

Refueling system alternative
The next success was designing a Ham-Let refueling system alternative, replacing the original old fashion large, heavy, complicated, and unreliable system, with one control hub fully designed and manufactured by Ham-Let. This allowed us to decrease system size and weight saving the customer money while improving the systems reliability. 
Ham-Let’s solution was successfully installed and qualified by the customer and standardization authorities as a superior enhanced solution, serving better the NGV industry.
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Gamme d'actionneurs pneumatiques (HPA)

Les ingénieurs, concepteurs et fabricants concernés par la conception des flux et vannes doivent comprendre les aspects et les processus liés à l'utilisation d'un produit particulier.
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