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Norvalves activity review

Expanding Ham-Let Group – Norvalves activity review, with Paul Charles Redfern, Norvalves CEO



"Located in Norway, at the rim of the North Sea, with a strategic view of the Oil & Gas business, acquiring Norvalves has helped Ham-Let Group to expand our product line to the Offshore industries."








Norvalves is a fast-track & bespoke valve manufacture producing manual valves and equipment for Oil and Gas topside and subsea industry. We have served the oil and gas industry with high quality valves with unbeatable lead times for 29 years.The success is based on our ability to listen to the customer’s needs and marked demands." 




Norvalves designs and manufactures a wide range of valves and connectors for the challenging subsea industry.

The portfolio includes both temporary and permanent subsea installation products. Every Subsea request is unique, requiring close cooperation between engineering and sales.




Topside valves designed according to international standards

Norvalves design and manufacture Ball valves, Check valves, Gate valves, Globe valves and modular/DBB valves in our own engineering and production facilities. All valves are designed according to international standards such as; ANSI, API, EN and others.


Product range


The product range includes Ball, DBB, Globe, Gate, needle, strainer and safety valves in all feasible materials and end connections. We also produce high quality connectors including Hot Stab and Pressure caps.


Unique production flexibility


All components are machined from bar or forged bar material which give a unique production flexibility. All valves are tested according to international standards in our in-house testing department before delivery.


A Complete Valve Producer


All aspects of Norvalves products is done in-house, from the design and engineering to the production, assembly and testing.

With the industry moving operations towards the subsea and unmanned platforms new and more effective solutions are being researched.

Adding the engineering of Norvalves to our already innovative team has allowed the Ham-Let Group to expand our product line.

Click here to check out some of the innovation Norvalves has brought to Ham-Let Group.




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