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Quality at Ham-Let Group

Quality at Ham-Let Group with VP of Quality Assurance Hagay Sessler


For over six decades Ham-Let group has cultivated an attitude focusing on top quality standards.

Ham-Let group supports various industries, such as Oil & Gas, Compressed Natural Gas, and Semiconductor. Each industry has its own standards, their own certifications, and their own quality requirements.

When working with such a variety of industries you must provide a quality product that meets all the standards.




Making Changes


Ham-Let Group stands by our no compromise quality attitude, we are constantly setting ourselves even higher standards. We have recently implemented additional quality assurance methods, allowing us to provide extra attention and validation to our already quality products.


Quality Assurance Methodology in Ham-Let Group


Hagay Sessler recently joined Ham-Let Group as our new Vice President of Quality Assurance. Sessler brought with him more than 20 years of quality assurance experience in the Aerospace industry.

According to Sessler there are three reasons Ham-Let Group customers can be exceedingly confident that they are provided with top quality products.

Sessler explained: “Ham-Let Group works in accordance with the strictest quality assurance methods, that are monitored throughout all Ham-Let Group processes and divisions. These methods can be seen in the production process, materials, supply chain, and customer support.”


State of the art equipment


Ham-Let Group has recently added new state of the art equipment to our production line, assisting us in producing our quality products.

When increasing production capabilities, it is crucial to invest in QA tools as well.

As a result, during the past year we have acquired many advanced QA tools including an additional Computer Measuring Machine (CMM) and a new Material Positive Indicator (MPI).

At Ham-Let Group QA is an important investment we are prepared to make in order to continue providing our customers with the highest quality goods.


Willing to go above and beyond


Ham-Let Groups solid manufacturing capabilities for the automotive industry is already proven and certified by leading manufacturers from the industry.

“We are currently obtaining the demanding ITAF 164949 certification, which will expand our activities into the automotive arena.”

“We work to ensure quality products, we see audits as an opportunity to certify our products and display our capabilities.”  


Wide range of quality certifications


Ham-Let Group complies with all the existing quality certifications: ABS, TUV, DMV, APPER GAZ in order to cover 100% our customers’ quality and certification requirements.


Looking Forward


“Ham-Let Group’s reputation is built on high quality products. I look forward to assisting Ham-Let Group keep the tradition of quality alive,” concluded Sessler.






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